HP Data Protector

We can help you to keep your business data safe with Data Protector's advanced features, such as:

Virtualized Backup and Restore

Initiate or schedule a snapshot-based, on-line backup of virtual machines at any time – and it can all be managed through the Data Protector GUI.

The Data Protector on-line agent for VMware provides an automated high performance backup and recovery solution of the virtual server environment. It is designed to simplify and centralize backup and recovery operations, including increased availability of critical applications in VMware environments and workload optimization for ESX Servers. It enables a robust/solid and reliable data protection tool for your virtualization solution.

Data Protector software with the Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) / Instant Recovery (IR) component provides an additional option when backing up and restoring data in a virtualized environment. It provides the option to mix and match backup methods to suit your specific requirements, providing complete protection for your VMware environment while maintaining data integrity throughout. If recovery is required, it happens in seconds or minutes with HP Data Protector software, not hours or days.

Backup to disk

  • Disk staging, D2D, D2D2D, D2D2T
  • Backup of slow clients and fast streaming to tape
  • Fast restore from disk

Synthetic Backup

Enables incremental forever backups.

Virtual Full Backup

An efficient type of Synthetic Backup where data is consolidated using pointers instead of being copied. It is performed if all the backups (the full backup, incremental backups, and the resulting virtual full backup) are written to a single file library

Object Copy

  • Space efficient automatic media copy
  • Tape type migration
  • Tape compaction
  • Tape de-multiplexing

Backup mirroring

Mirrors data for cost-effective disaster recovery across unlimited distances.

Automatic SAN device configuration

Enables simple view of all access paths to and from the SAN.

Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB)

Zero Downtime backup combines Data Protector with replica technologies of disk arrays. It creates a consistent copy of the application data and offloads it for backup processing. It's fully integrated and managed by the Data Protector GUI.

Instant Recovery (IR)

Within minutes, Instant Recovery recovers file systems and applications from replicas. It's also fully integrated and enables advanced application recovery from Data Protector's GUI.